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CSR Racing 2: Short Tips

At the beginning of the game you have 3-4 cars to choose from. If you have selected a car (my favorite is the Audi A1), you drive about 5 races in the ranking race. After that, you should have enough money to get you 1. The NO2 bottle and 2. Better tires to take- Whenever you have money, prepare yourselves but NO REMEMBER NO2 !!! -That’s the most important. If you now have enough and despite the advice of the game: Set the NO2 when the tires go through, just do not come here my tip: If the NO2 only starts when the tires do not turn, but the car still in Acceleration phase (ie directly in position 3). So you definitely win all races! PS the tip of the game is ABSOLUTE THOUGHT! You just want your tank to go, and then you fill it with gold but your gold is gone and you buy that for normal money then!


  1. Forget the speedometer and concentrate only on the lights
  2. Always use the boost in 3rd gear
  3. If your tank is empty you simply change the time on your mobile / IPad by eg 1 hour
  4. The same also works with the date, so you can now run several times consecutively the day races etc.
  5. Is buying a car on a special offer. These come all 2-3 tanks
  6. Save your gold until the end of the game
  7. Make sure you buy a sticker, as this “small money” will turn into a real asset over many races. Asphalt Xtreme Hack
  8. To expand a part of your car simply go to the previous upgrade (or standard) with the arrow and press INSERT

In the end still my tunings with which I have managed the respective bosses (PS .: usually one can win the 2nd and 3rd Bossrennen with the same setup)

S1 / 308 Ford Focus ST
  • Transmission: 5
  • Engine: 4
  • Turbo: 4
  • Suction: 5
  • N2O: 4
  • Chassis: 3
  • Tires: 4
S2 / 414 Ford Mustang GT
  • Transmission: 4
  • Engine: 5
  • Turbo: 3
  • Suction: 4
  • N2O: 3
  • Chassis: 3
  • Tires: 4
S3 / 500 Corvette C6
  • Transmission: 4
  • Engine: 5
  • Turbo: 3
  • Suction: 4
  • N2O: 3
  • Chassis: 1
  • Tires: 4

First impressions of FIFA 17 for PlayStation 4


After leading iron-fisted competition football games in the last generation of consoles, with the arrival of PS4 and Xbox One sports enthusiasts king were expecting a great leap forward in FIFA , both graphic and the playable . As they told their creators in some interviews, the power of PS3 and Xbox 360 had become too small to see substantial improvements in important details in a sports game like animations and artificial intelligence, and assumed that these improvements come with the new generation. FIFA 17 Ultimate team hack

Although not bad games, let alone the last three editions of FIFA in PS4 and Xbox One had left a bitter aftertaste, because they had just seen that jump – awaited quality, and we knew that these consoles could give much more yes. In a game like this you can not miss its annual appointment, as it is the goose that lays the golden eggs of Electronic Arts, such a radical change can not be made from one year to another, and without us knowing EA Sports had time working on FIFA 17 , the most important change in the saga in recent years . Free FIFA 17 Coins

Now with Frostbite

The first thing you notice is the change of graphics engine, and now will use the Frostbite graphics engine DICE have finished using all studies of Electronic Arts, which use such different games such as Need for Speed , Mirror’s Edge Catalyst ,Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect Andromeda . It is clear that EA wants to join forces and resources by using the same tool in all his studies, and have to wait until September to see the final version of FIFA 17 and see if this change has been good in all aspects.

And we were able to test a beta , and there are obvious graphical improvements in all aspects, although some concrete details are still a bit green. For example the lighting is much better , more realistic, especially the night, and the faces of the players are much more credible and detailed, including their facial expressions , and is a joy to check the modeling of the players in reruns and cinematics. With the usual camera from which we play the graphic change is not seen much (if we play at night), and do not expect a visual revolution when you see the first videos of the game play, is not going to be that you bring forth a disappointment. Hack FIFA 17

At the moment it shows that there is much work to be done, and for example the texture of grass much worse than seen in FIFA 16 , something has to change radically for the final product. Perhaps what we liked most new graphics, in addition to the modeling of the players and their facial expressions are the new animations and how they interact with the bodies of players against each other , more compelling than ever, but we will explain this in more detail when talk about feelings with the remote.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen just how she still sitting at FIFA changing graphics engine, it is clear that brings many improvements, especially a grateful breath of fresh air visual, which already needed the saga. Astuce FIFA 17

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Guide tips, strategies and tips for Clash Royale

Is the fashion game lately. The creators of Clash of Clans have a new pitch, Clash Royale , between hands completely arrived last week in Spanish to iOS and Android. This will pose a real revolution in the field of mobile gaming and for all those who come to the title for the first time, here are a few tips to make more effective its debut. Clash Royale Hack

The first thing we notice is that Clash Royale little resemblance to Clash of Clans, beyond its similar graphic style and some other character shared by the two. This new title Supercell is a mix between card games and strategy where our goal is to destroy the enemy fortification before he do the same with ours.

Before going further, and we will say that currently there is no way or trick to increase the gold we have the game – the currency for many purchases – or gems to level up automatically. However, there are certain strategies that will help us greatly improve our player profile.

If you do not ye have joined this particular “fever”, you can download the game from the following links:

Looking for a clan as have the opportunity

And if we know that there are several friends playing the game, the best we can do is join a clan – something that can be done from level 3 -. The benefits are tangible because from the first moment will accumulate experience points automatically and also based donate and exchange tastings with our friends we will be rewarded with 5 points of experience and 3 gems – as we shall see, another much important – besides that we can access best cards we do not go into the coffers thanks to the generosity of our colleagues I can ask for any.

Exceeds sands and stay always on the top

It seems obvious but it is not so. Although we are tempted to move down a level to face rivals less packaging, always we get better rewards in experience, chests and letters if we are in arenas higher level.

It should be noted one thing, there are cards that will not leave us until we reach certain arenas, so do not obsess us because we do not discover get them to a certain level. Below is the whole relationship of letters and the sands are these:

  • Training ground
  • Goblin Stadium (Arena 1)
  • Bone Arena (Arena 2)
  • Barbarians boiler (Arena 3)
  • Dollhouse PEKKA (Arena 4)
  • Valley spell (Arena 5)
  • Real Arena (Arena 6)

How to get more gems?

Besides scratching his pocket, gems the we can get for winning battles to find in the coffers, but we will see that this is not an immediate reward, go completing quests or get into a clan, at which point we’ll get 100 gems gift.

Most interesting are the missions or achievements, some as simple as watching games on TV Clash Royale, which will allow us to gain gems quickly and easily. Clash Royale Cheats

Achievements clash royale

Learn to take advantage of the coffers

In this sense, the rewards in Clash Royale are obtained by chests that can be automatic or collected after the battles. The first is generated every 4 hours , and you can say that will be the most dispensable. We are interested especially silver (gold and 4 cards – 3 opening hours), gold (gold and 14 cards, at least 1 rare – 8 business hours) and, above all, magical (gold and 41 cards, one epic 8 rare – open 12 hours), we won in combat or by purchasing them with gems and money. And that Clash Royale is freemium, so if you aspire to be a contestant on conditions, will have to scratch your pocket.

chests clash royale

But we have also a kind of chests called “crowns” that are obtained every 24 hours as long as we have destroyed at least 10 towers. This gives gold letters occasionally and gems.

You have seen that we have set the opening time of the chests. Obviously you can shorten scratching his pocket but I advise you not be in a hurry. At the end of the day, this is going to enjoy and to get a good deck, you will have to throw hours. You can only open one in each game and have four cumulative, so also have to be ready when deciding which to choose and which ones to open.

The council is open during the game and leaves less time opening the most comprehensive to use their benefits the next day.

Upgrade your letters … but unhurried

It is another element that must be taken into account. the cards we have at first may not seem very good but can go level uploading them to make them more powerful.

There are 14 cards of each type (common, rare and epic), making a maximum of 42 cards , for now, available in the game, as are rising rarity are harder to get. In addition, each divided into “soldiers” (attack – defense), construction (protection or generation of more troops) and spell (attack – defense). Especially with the latter, expect the exact moment that can only be used once.

Common are useful, especially, to combine them with the most power to launch devastating attack. Just do not waste much time and resources to raise them up:

  • gentleman
  • Discharge
  • Minion Horde
  • minions
  • barbarians
  • Mortar
  • Bomb
  • arrows
  • Tesla
  • goblins
  • Goblins with spears
  • archers
  • skeletons
  • Canon

Among the next level we have the rare, yes already interested improve when we have the possibility:

  • mini PEKKA
  • Collector elixir
  • Magician
  • Musketeer
  • Giant
  • Valkyrie
  • Rider pork
  • Torre pump
  • hell tower
  • goblin cabin
  • tombs
  • barbarous cabin
  • Rocket
  • Ball of fire

Finally, there are the epic, which are:

  • PEKKAClash Royale
  • Prince
  • golem
  • Mirror
  • dragon baby
  • Witch
  • giant skeleton
  • X-Bow
  • Balloon
  • Navy skeletons
  • Rage
  • Goblin barrel
  • Thunderbolt
  • Ice

Strategy Games: the elixir

In each game we can only have 8 cards in hand to the fighting, which are about 3 minutes. Each card consumes an amount of elixir. We have only 10 points elixir and no more – but during the game is regenerated and end this effect is multiplied – The resistance of the towers rises with each level. That is why from the moment you have to choose a series of cards with a plan of attack in mind in which we use first letters that consume less elixir to take the final phase of the game to pull heavy weights. For reference, you should keep a deck of an average expenditure of 4.5 points elixir – a figure that will screen telling us to not fall short or spend.

clash royale letters

Combat strategy: the combo

The board Clash of Clans is very simple, there is a main tower and two secondary. The end goal is always the main so never be amiss to make a combined attack on the two towers . With that being achieved and leave unprotected flank attack while we have to face the other. There you go thinking that combining letters going to throw them at the same time and allow us to create a winning strategy.

Clash Battle Royale letters and

Now all you have left to put into practice some of the tips that we offer and, of course, we encourage you to discuss strategies, tips and any other detail both in the news and forum MovilZona where there is already a post dedicated to fans of this title.